Monthly Mailbag: June 2015

By IllimitableMan Contents:1.) Introduction
2.) “Why do you bother with TRP?”
3.) “I don’t know what to do after college.”
4.) “How do you write about the dark triad and then write about morality?”
5.) “If you could recommend 10 books for personal growth, what would they be?”
6.) “How do I use ego productively?”
7.) In Closing
1.) …read more

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By admin NEW KRATOM STRAIN – PRIMO GREEN INDO! BY POPULAR DEMAND – LION’S PRIDE RAINBOW MAENG DA IS NOW PERMANENTLY AVAILABLE AT THE ISLAND LION HERBALS SHOP! In celebration of both Pride Weekend 2015 and the Supreme Court’s landmark historical decision in favor of marriage equality, we introduced a special custom …read more

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Killing Your Inner Philosopher

By James Barcelona, Spain
I’m very lucky that my place here in Barcelona is on the top floor of a building. The apartment has access to a huge terrace (basically the whole roof). When you’re on the roof, you have great views of not only the main square below but also the famous …read more

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#212 External Internal

By JoeDibuduo
#212 External Internal

I purchased an old, old house in Prescott, Arizona last month and while remodeling one of the bedrooms, I tore down an old plaster wall. In between the lathes, I found a journal. I don’t know if I can believe what’s written in it, but the handwriting …read more

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Icecream Ebook Reader Review

By Axel Coker My search for a PC EBook reader started when I decided to get more serious about reading books in 2015. After reading more than 20 books both Epub and PDF on my smartphone this year it became obvious I needed a different way to read.
The main reasons for my change …read more

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The consequences of suicide

By Toysoldier Suicide is a terrible act. A person must be a dark place to even consider let alone commit it. It is a hollow act that stretches out to everyone close to its victim. Everyone feels its emptiness.
I have known three people who committed suicide. I do not take the issue …read more

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