#NoNothingNovember: Day 27, Thanksgiving

By Herakles the Red Today was a pretty good day, all things considered. Most of the Thanksgiving Day NFL games weren’t very much fun to watch. The Lions game was entertaining enough by watching Megatron alone. Unfortunately, the Eagles/Cowboys and Seahawks/49ers games weren’t very exciting to me. The battle for NFC East supremacy looked …read more

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Rational Male – Q&A

By Rollo Tomassi SoSuave and Rational Male reader compleks had a few questions about what he read in The Rational Male book. Since I’ve been doing these weekend questions lately I thought these might make for some interesting discussions. Hopefully they wont distract you from family time this holiday weekend, but maybe they …read more

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20 Years and General Catch Up

By Athol Kay SD: Hi Athol and Jen, it’s Thanksgiving Day and I’m taking a break from the family and working on my computer. Checked MMSL blog and see no entries since October. Just wondering if you guys are doing okay?
I’ve bought all 3 books. Athol’s advice is great and I appreciate …read more

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Low Winter Sun

By admin It looks like it’s going to be a cold and miserable holiday/winter for many of the states this season. If you live in these states, I’m fucking sorry. You should consider vacationing in Central America during these months.
Here are some things to remember-
-Most people overeat, overdrink and get less exercise …read more

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