Where Are The Tomboys?

By caprizchka Tomboy: A young girl who likes to play with the boys as a peer rather than as a “princess”.
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice,
And everything nice,
That’s what little girls are made of*.
* Tomboys excepted.
I like to go to Venice Beach, California to watch the skateboarders at the skateboard …read more

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Fryman T-Shirt

By Matt I have a secret confession. Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody. I’m a huge nerd. I absolutely love cartoons and old-school video games. A lot of people liked my #GamerGate logo design, so I decided to use my art powers to create some fun cartoon-inspired designs. Check out my inaugural shirt design …read more

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The unworkable bachelor tax.

By Dalrock One of the ideas often put forward when discussing declining marriage rates is that our elites are likely to enact a Roman Empire style bachelor tax. I admittedly don’t have much background how the Romans went about this, but from the bit I’ve read from W.F. Price it seems …read more

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Diary: Responsible Citizen

By delicioustacos image stolen from cafepress.com
Look at you, they tell me. Look at you getting your shit together. Doesn’t it feel good.
Doesn’t it feel good to pay your bills. Finally open the overstuffed mailbox that has stood so long for your irresponsibility. Take out 11 pounds of flyers for the Mexican meat …read more

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The Clarey Podcast Episode #76

By Captain Capitalism William Shatner is godThe Captain rides a mechanical bull and breaks the recordCappy also discovers the American South East is much larger than he first thoughtKids puke!Partying in Atlanta with some readersThe eulogy of a Social Justice WarriorISIS meets US troops, not Iraqis, and hilarity ensues!AND MORE!!!In THIS EPISODE of …read more

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You: Be Nothing Less Than the Best On Earth

By Gabriel How can you, either a Proper Villain or a Proper Villain wannabe, become the very best? The answer is deceptively simple: Stop externalizing failures. Immediately.
Yes, your mob boss might be a jerk. Your dame might be losing interest. Your henchmen don’t follow your orders. Your den’s a dive. Your getaway …read more

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The Iconic SJW Face

By CH It’s hard to choose one face that stands — or scrunches — above the rest as the iconic social justice warrior (SJW) face. But I believe I have found it.

This Harry Potter tranny was snapped at a Ferguson protest in Portland. Like most SJWs, she is a raving beauty. That …read more

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Epistemic Horror

By Bryce Laliberte There is the general assumption that whatever knowledge an individual possesses, that knowledge is at least theoretically and directly accessible to the consciousness. Yet there are clear and recorded cases in which humans are able to act on knowledge whose impetus and content they are unable to recall. Despite this …read more

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