Do You Want a Weekly Retrospective?

By Danger & Play More than a few of you have commented about the volume of posts.
“[Write] fewer posts per week but more high quality ones. It is difficult to keep up.”
“So many posts are coming out now — it’s hard to keep track of them all.”
“It’s already really good. I actually think you …read more

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Ancient MGTOW from Sumeria

By Cybro There is nothing really new about the idea of MGTOW. The life of MGTOW can be summed up as a life of common sense. Rational men, men of reason have looked around the world since the very beginning and have noticed that it is full of foolish proud men and …read more

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Diary on a Cranky Morning

By delicioustacos image stolen from
It’s come to this. No women and no beating off for seven days. Fuck my sponsor, I kept thinking. His awful advice about women. Got me in this hole in the first place. Too attached to this broad and now she’s fucking some guy. I ought to …read more

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Speculative Anarchism

By Bryce Laliberte What is slavery? In its most abstract form, slavery is simply the abrogation of one’s will by another. When one is a slave, there is some sense in which another has the right to command of you your labor, time, and property, to assign to you distinct privileges about where …read more

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Tattoo Negs

By CH Given the epidemic of American women disfiguring their bodies with vats of blotchy ink, a man should have at his disposal some tasty tattoo negs to stir hamsters from their slumbers.
A reader offers,
“Cool tattoo. *squeeze your eyes to see better* What’s that supposed to be?”
Nice. Subtle and classy. Another theme …read more

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Goodbye, America: The Website

By CH The Goodbye, America photo series now has its own website. Drop by, admire the purity of decline, and leave a comment as evidence that you were there when America started to swirl the drain. A future addition called the “poolside meter” will rank the month’s best photos and comments.Filed under: …read more

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