"Rape harder"

By noreply@blogger.com (Vox) Black knights are taking the fight to the rape fantasists on campus:College men accused of date rape are fighting back with ethically dubious techniques including hacking, outing their attackers, and videotaping their sexual encounters, in addition to bringing an increasing number of successful law suits to vindicate themselves, says public …read more

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The Day I Died

By Christian McQueen “What do you mean she never got on the fucking plane?”, I choked the words out to my best friend who works a fancy enough 3 letter agency job he could help me out with this not-so-public knowledge information about my girlfriend. “She never checked in. At all.” His words …read more

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10 Lies We’ve All Told

By Christian McQueen I have a big mouth.
If you haven’t heard my podcast yet, maybe you’ve gotten that vibe from my writing.
While I can use my mouth for good, sometimes being a mouthy motherfucker can be bad, especially if I don’t speak truth.
The truth will truly set you free and I identified some …read more

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Do Whatever Adam Carolla Says

By endofhonesty If you don’t already, you need to listen to The Adam Carolla podcast. He famously made his celebrity debut as ½ of the Man Show team alongside Jimmy Kimmel. After which he returned to terrestrial radio before eventually moving into the podcasting area. The Adam Carolla Show is one of …read more

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Who Is Your Jury?

By Athol Kay There’s often a generalized line of advice that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, and just do what seems right to you. It’s meant to cut through the self-doubt, the people pleasing and get you finally doing the things that you’re best suited for doing. There are some …read more

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The Hypocrisy of the Police State Advocates

By Henry Brown Ever notice how “gun control” advocates always pretend that they’re only violating the Constitution in order to reduce violent crime… yet their efforts are all centered around disarming NON-CRIMINAL American citizens?

Ask one of them why they’re so intent on violating the rights of people who have committed no crimes and …read more

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The secret to taking better pictures

By Robert “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
- Abraham Lincoln

The secret to taking better pictures
The other day I was Skyping with my Grandma when I noticed that my living room had terrible lighting. There’s a massive glare that projects off my forehead and it looks awful. …read more

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You’re Not Helping v.25

By Toysoldier Feminists have gotten a lot of mileage out of the Ray Rice NFL scandal. To be certain, the NFL’s attempted cover-up is embarrassing. Rice’s assault on his now wife was horrible. However, none of that justifies the baffling response several feminists had when other journalists mention Hope Solo.
For those unaware, …read more

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The next Manosphere meetup.

By C. M. Sturges Ever since we were disappointed in New Orleans during Mardi Gras due to a misunderstanding from our supposed host and not realizing that New Orleans has gone to shit since the last time I was there, Tempest, Bill and I have been discussing other places to visit. They’ve come up …read more

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