The Revolutionary Implications Of GamerGate

By B At first I was confused why GamerGate was such a big deal. So feminists reportedly screwed their way through the video game industry and pretended to be victims of male aggression. Aren’t they always doing that? Aren’t there thousands of Zoe Quinns out there?
But then the censorship started, pervasively on …read more

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Be the Shitlord!

By Richard Ford Feminists talk a great deal about shitlords. What is a shitlord and why are they so feared and hated?Shitlords are described (by feminists) as ‘trolls who do not know they are trolls’. In other words shitlords are people who speak their idea of truth without shame.If we translate this into …read more

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Daygame Overkill – live event in London

By krauserpua Yes, you read that right. The euro-jaunt season is drawing to a close and I’m packing my suitcase and heading home to England for a while. London has always been my spiritual (daygame) home and there’s a great community of guys hitting the streets on a regular basis.
What better place …read more

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