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That headline was the most humorous way I could tell you that the site is undergoing some technical issues, and performance will be spotty, most likely till the end of the week. My apologies to my wonderful readers, and I am working to bring you back a fully operational as soon as I can.

In the mean time – if you would like to browse some blogs the old fashioned way – check out our full list :).

How to get what you want

By Jason My entire college life, and now that I’ve been in the “professional” world for a few years I keep hearing people asking “What do you want to do?”
Obviously they’re always asking about my career and my professional ladder climbing, but I don’t want any of that.
So what do I say? …read more

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Isn't it exciting?

By Richard Ford Isn’t it exciting? The first UK election I have ever been involved in that is likely to mean something!Whatever the result;t on May 7th let us not lose sight of the real result which is a change of the nature of politics itself.1. The public want change- and they hardly …read more

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By Richard Ford Various battle flags at St Lawrence Jewry. Below it a chapel of the Royal Marines.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on Apr 30, 2015 at 1:25am PDT

The society in which we find ourselves is one of the very few that do not mark the transition between boy and man. …read more

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For Kid Strangelove.

By Richard Ford St Vedast. A quiet place.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on Apr 28, 2015 at 1:25am PDT

There has been some interesting research published recently on so called ‘remote healing’. This is where one person preforms a ritual for the benefit of someone who is ill but not present. The …read more

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In the old black and white days.

By Richard Ford Sometimes two seemingly unrelated things can occur that open the mind to connections that I would never otherwise have made.
A few days ago my fridge stopped working. I threw out my spoiled food and resolved to buy another one as soon as I find the time.

In the mean time I …read more

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Tariq Nasheed Interviews Jason Black (The Black Authority)

By (Derrick Mills) The interview is from 1:15:45 through 2:09:00.

You can view all of the videos from the channel of this poster, The Last Negro, here
You can view all of The Black Authority’s videos here Also, you can purchase his movie “7am” here
You can visit Tariq Nasheed’s …read more

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Your Anxiety is Really Excitement

By permanentguest “I am calm…I am calm….I am calm.” We’ve all been there. Just when you think you’re cool, anxiety hits right as you step on stage, or more commonly, once you’ve decided to approach a stranger. The natural reaction is to subdue it, perhaps by repeating the phrase above or resorting …read more

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Draft Crowdfunding Proposal

By caprizchka This represents a draft proposal for a future crowd-funding endeavor on my behalf. Reader suggestions are welcome to include possible crowd-funding platforms.
Unable to divorce him without losing all income, to earn money greater than a nominal amount, or even legally change my name or address, my international con-artist husband did …read more

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