A letter to my son …

By Tin Man Thought I’d write to you, I know the basics of the situation and understand how life takes its twists and turns, sometimes we never know exactly how a situation will turn out. Just know, that it is all part of something bigger and the path is never straight.There is a …read more

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Reverse Dowries

By Lions Mouth A dowry is a payment or transfer of wealth from the father or family of a bride, to that bride’s husband to more or less help the groom be able to provide for his wife and any children they might have. In some cases, the dowry could be quite …read more

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What are you looking for?

By caprizchka It’s a reasonable question and one that I apparently don’t answer satisfactorily here and here, but not here. If I seek “character,” rather than a “type” that might not be adequate encouragement to those who personify a “type.” Moreover, exactly what “type” am I? It would be apparent from my …read more

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A Challenge to Feminists Accusing Me of Rape

By Matt Forney Most of you are probably aware of the global nervous breakdown people have been having over the now-scuttled Return of Kings tribal meetups that were going to happen today. For the past week, Roosh, myself and our fans have been accused of being “rape supporters” who were organizing “pro-rape rallies,” …read more

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Too Much of A Good Thing

By donalgraeme As a general rule, I tend to have no problem with women being fit. It doesn’t reduce their attractiveness, and for some body types, probably helps. But a little bit goes a long way. And there is definitely such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” Example A:

This …read more

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Fourth ever woman to sign up for military combat position is labelled a DESERTER for going AWOL for 30 days before turning herself in | Daily Mail Online

By cptnemo2013 The US Army’s fourth-ever woman to serve in a combat position turned herself in to military authorities Thursday night after going AWOL for a whole month and gaining deserter status. Source: Fourth ever woman to sign up for military combat position is labelled a DESERTER for going AWOL for 30 …read more

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What Is Your Origin Story?

By Peter Every legend has a beginning and every hero has an origin. Heroes are not born, they are made. What makes someone a hero is not the supernatural talents they were born with, but the path they take.
In ancient and modern legends, some people are born with supernatural powers, but these …read more

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