The Dilemma Of Perspective

By Quintus Curtius Perspective is one of the most important lessons of the cognitive disciplines. It also weighs heavily in the balanced consideration of moral problems. What may seem to be one thing to one man, is likely something else to another. It can be disquieting for us to see the world as …read more

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Don’t overlook single mothers.

By Dalrock Following The only real man in the room I’ve been trying to track down replacements for the Pastor Driscoll sermons which are disappearing from the web. I finally found a replacement video and two transcripts for the sermon I quoted at the top of Fragging Christian Headship. That …read more

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Tolstoy and the Pursuit of Happiness

By Seth While going through my old laptop recently, I discovered a paper that I wrote several years ago about Tolstoy and his beliefs about nature, happiness, and the meaning of life. These beliefs have stuck with me to this day and have had a profound impact on the way I live …read more

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By Beppo Venerdì A few weeks ago, I had an awesome idea for a post. I figured it would be insightful and would hopefully help to codify a highly debated topic. Then I sat down and started typing it up.
I got through the introduction and then typed a grand total of two sentences …read more

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Two Powerful Tactics For Winning The Culture War

By Roosh It’s probably obvious to you that our enemy had a bad 2014. Feminists, SJW’s, and their totalitarian liberal buddies were on the ropes for much of the year and for the first time had to play defense to their delusional and incorrect beliefs. One of the reasons they’ve been successful …read more

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