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The Fat Chick Tax

A fat tax has been seriously discussed on various platforms for years, usually supported by the premise that fat craps cost society a lot of money in higher health insurance premiums, mitigation overhead, and the daily annoyances of dealing with fatties in public spaces, making room for them, avoiding their stank, and spending mental energy […]
Chateau Heartiste
March 20, 2018, 11:21 p.m.

“Trump slept with me”

“George Washington slept here” is a pretty common plaque found at or near historical sites throughout colonial America. As his legend grew, American households which hosted the Great Man for the night were proud to publicly say so, even if his presence in their humble abodes was apocryphal. Likewise, hot sluts who hosted today’s Great […]
Chateau Heartiste
March 20, 2018, 8:57 p.m.

Episode #245 of The Clarey Podcast - Lone Wolves vs. Tribes Special!

Lone Wolves vs. Tribes
When "Blogs" Were the Only Social Media!
Refusing to Give Wedding Gifts.  Only Give Anniversary Gifts.
Somali Cop Arrested...THAT'S RACIST!
College Students Being Stupid...Again
Millennials Killed Toy's R Us?  Nah, Feminism Did.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link Captain Capitalism
March 20, 2018, 7:53 p.m.

My Total DIY Laundry Room Makeover

This post is sponsored by Lowe's

Ideally, a laundry room would belong in one of the more private sections of your house – a space to do the behind-the-scenes work of running a home, fold unmentionables, and stash things that simply… Continue reading on

Man Made DIY
March 20, 2018, 7:45 p.m.

7 Things I'm Totally Obsessed With This Month (March 2018 Edition)

These are thoughts, the artwork, the news stories, the tools, the food, the conversations, and whatever else we just can't get out of our heads this month.

1. The Magazine: She Shreds

I love everything about their point-of-view. She… Continue reading on

Man Made DIY
March 20, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Podcast #389: What It Means to Be a Quiet Professional

We live in a time of hype and self-aggrandizement. But my guest today argues that what the world needs more of are quiet professionals — people who’s only focus is to get the job done well. His name is Rob Shaul and he’s the founder and president of Mountain Tactical Institute. We had Rob on […]

The post Podcast #389: What It Means to Be a Quiet Professional appeared first on The Art of Manliness.

The Art Of Manliness
March 20, 2018, 6:55 p.m.

Three Cheers for Diversity!

But wait, arresting him is racist!

But he shot a female....that's sexist.

Oh you Minneapolis leftists must be so confused by your own hypocrisy.

Regardless, I only predict a HUGE lawsuit awaits the City of Minneapolis when they find out the left accelerated his training so they could claim the masturbation prize of "First Somali Cop" instead of "a good cop who just happens to be Somali."

Oh well.  Enjoy the decline!
Captain Capitalism
March 20, 2018, 6:42 p.m.

Runaway Train

The difficulty of having a unique path
Return Of Kings
March 20, 2018, 6 p.m.

How to Get a Stylish Haircut Women Love | 5 Easy Tips

A good hairstyle can make a big difference in your dating life. Women will be warmer to your approach, give you more approach invitations, and even give you a little more leeway to make mistakes. Most guys don’t really take care of their hair, so by doing so, you stand out. And the best part? […]

The post How to Get a Stylish Haircut Women Love | 5 Easy Tips appeared first on PostGradCasanova.

March 20, 2018, 3:45 p.m.

Now get out there and reject passivity!

Complementarians have the problem of wanting to seem biblically traditional, while avoiding actually being so. The goal is to create something separate from formal feminism/egalitarianism, while avoiding offending feminist sensibilities. This has lead complementarians to invent a host of weasel … Continue reading
March 20, 2018, 3:33 p.m.

Pedophilia Is Entrenched Within The Highest Reaches Of The French Elite

The ones that are above investigation
Return Of Kings
March 20, 2018, 3 p.m.

Los Angeles: A Vision of the Globalist Future

NOTE: This article was originally published at Right On on November 6, 2016. I’m re-posting it here as the site is now defunct. It’s one thing to imagine the ways that globalization will destroy the West; it’s quite another to see them in action. A recent trip to L.A. gave me an unsettling glimpse at the Left’s […]

The post Los Angeles: A Vision of the Globalist Future appeared first on Matt Forney.

Matt Forney
March 20, 2018, 1 p.m.

10 Types of People Who Are Unqualified To Give Advice

People burn with the desire to give advice. The problem is, 99.9% of them are unqualified for the advice they provide. Good advice is worth more than gold. Just like gold, it’s rare. I turned my life around by heeding the advice of smart and qualified people. I am grateful to them. But I had... [Read More...]

The post 10 Types of People Who Are Unqualified To Give Advice appeared first on The Winning Lane.

The Winning Lane
March 20, 2018, 12:43 p.m.

6 Strategies For Beating False Sexual Allegations At Work

You can fight it and win
Return Of Kings
March 20, 2018, noon

How to Get Laid Using Instagram

First and foremost follow me on Instagram, ya’ sexy bastards—if you haven’t already. Times Have Changed For better or worse, social media platforms and hook-up apps have become dominant in the modern dating scene. Although most of my success with women has come from picking up at night, I still consider myself one of the godfathers […]
Naughty Nomad
March 20, 2018, 9:40 a.m.

Go Where You’re Treated Best

SUMMARY Go where you’re treated best – from Andrew Henderson of Home is where the heart is, and my heart is where I have the best quality of life I have a better quality of life in Chiang Mai than I did in Canada Canada has high taxes, a ...

The post Go Where You’re Treated Best appeared first on Revolutionary Lifestyle Design.

Revolutionary Lifestyle Design
March 20, 2018, 5:10 a.m.

Jerkiognomy Is Real, Dark Triad Edition

I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before. A criminally curious researcher averaged the faces of normies and compared the composites with an average of the faces of those possessing the Dark Triad personality traits (a suite that includes psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism) and discovered that jerkiognomy is real. Average faces of 33 men and […]
Chateau Heartiste
March 20, 2018, 2:46 a.m.

How Social Media Provides Irrefutable Proof that Chicks Bang Chads and Tyrones

When I was publishing “lay reports” online, one after the other, there were people around who claimed I was a bullshitter. That someone could bang a chick in a bathroom stall seemed like fiction to people. Doing this with a girl you were dating, say a fuckbuddy, was enough of a stretch for them already.… Continue reading How Social Media Provides Irrefutable Proof that Chicks Bang Chads and Tyrones
Men, Women, And Society
March 19, 2018, 10:41 p.m.

Money. How Much is Enough?

According to a recent article, Warren Buffet believes doubling someone’s net worth won’t make them happier. We of course disagree. That said there are two sides of the spectrum, doubling someone from $10 for example to $20, doesn’t do much. Similarly, doubling someone who has $1 billion dollars or more (like Buffet) is not going […]
Wall Street PlayBoys
March 19, 2018, 9:30 p.m.


The look of admiration, which in women is the same as the look of love. Thus, adoration, the coupling of admiration with love. PS Stormy Daniels alluded on-air in 2007 that Trump was “the best sex she ever had”. Reminder that this was when Trump was in his 60s, and she was a porn whore […]
Chateau Heartiste
March 19, 2018, 7:37 p.m.
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