About Manosphere.com

The "Manosphere" is a corner of the internet comprised of blogs, forums, and websites that promote masculinity and self improvement. Manosphere.com is first and foremost a manosphere community content aggregator. It is a resource that gathers the writings and videos of the members of the community, and places them in one central location. Manosphere.com does not claim to be the single voice for the community, it is nothing more than single website attempting to provide some value to the men of this world.

Manosphere.com DOES NOT claim ownership of the articles and videos posted here. The ownership and creative rights of the material belongs solely to the authors of it. This is said not as an attempt to avoid liability for the material, but rather as a means to give credit where it is due. In order to preserve the integrity of the community, we will remove any content that is requested by the blog owner. If you are a blog owner and you would like your blog removed from the aggregator, contact Jake via email (admin@manosphere.com) and he will take care of it. For any other contacts/requests contact Jake @ admin@manosphere.com.

Manosphere.com is maintained by Jake as a side project. Thus, you may find some bugs/errors/etc. Shoot Jake an email and let him know what's up.